These 3 eco friendly kitchen products are a recipe for success

Jul 2

The problem isn't that we don't want to do more sustainable cooking. It's just that a lot of eco friendly friendly things you can do are seriously inconvenient. When you're exhausted from work, opting for the mini single-serving chip bags is just easier than surrendering yourself to the potential of a stale snack and at the hands of a failing chip clip.

Whether you're meal prepping for one or for a family, sustainable cooking and meal prepping is tough, but there are a few eco friendly kitchen products to look out for that may make it easier. Here's three to start with!

A blender to beat single-use bottles

Time to take on single-use plastic bottles with your own wireless blender. The Just Mix Personal Smoothie Blender is part gourmet meal prep gadget and part water bottle. The powerful 6500RPM motor turns succulent fruits and yummy veg into satisfying, silky smoothies (or sauces and soups!) in as little as 40 seconds. 

This eco friendly kitchen tool also blends in the functionality of a water bottle, but it does that better than your standard single-serving selection, too. Instead of crinkly landfill food, The Just mix is made from Tritan BPA-free material that's sturdy, sleek, and comfy to hold with a soft silicone handle. It even has a 360-degree sealing ring to avoid spills. 

That battery isn't just to avoid getting tangled up at home. It also means you can blend your own drinks wherever you are. Jog to the store, grab some fresh fruit, and blend yourself something yummy before your return trip. Or make a milkshake. Living sustainably doesn't mean giving up your delicious desserts!

A yogurt maker for those who can't BEAR waste

When you think of things you can make at home, yogurt might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you can actually make the cornerstone of your meal prep parfaits and smoothie bowls with very little effort if you have a Bear 4-in-1 Yogurt Maker.

Looking for a reason to meal prep all your breakfasts for the week? Well, the Bear Yogurt maker is your sign to get started! This easy-to-use gadget has a stainless steel inner pot the BEAR keeps at an even temperature (the yogurt-ification process requires heat!). 

Use the included 1-quart glass jars to prep your yogurt with your own custom flavors and thickness, controlled through the touch panel on the front. You can even use the Bear to make Greek yogurt, fermented wine, and soft cheese. Anyone else noticing a brunch theme, here? 

Keep your crisps crispy

Chips pose a fundamental dilemma. The big bags might be more economical and reduce plastic waste, but the single-serving bags aren't really at risk of growing stale.

Sure, there are chip clips and twist ties, but those don't create a perfect seal (even the sharpest twist tie can prevent your cheesy popcorn from going stale!). That means your only alternatives with a full bag is to either eat it all in one sitting (there's a time and place for this), or you can add your own DIY factory seal. We choose the latter!

With this bag sealer, you can munch on your fill (post work munchies, anyone?), then heat seal the bag closed again. It's like meal prep for snacks, minus the tupperware. 

This 2-in-1 Mini Bag Sealer is a serious score if you're looking for eco friendly kitchen products, because it turns single-use plastics into limited reusables. It's simple enough. The inner edge heats up to melt the sides of your bags back together. Thus, the fate of the chips are sealed (for the better!). 

Eco friendly can still be convenient

Sustainability doesn't have to take much more work, and sometimes the results really give back, and not into just to the earth. The best part about sustainable cooking is you can eat the result.

Whether you're meal prepping a week of tasty breakfast berry parfaits, blending a fresh bevvy with your favorite eco friendly kitchen gadget, or just exploring sustainable alternatives to your go-to comfort foods, there's a wide, delicious world out there!

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