Host with the most! Here are some at-home bar essentials to elevate your entertainment game.

Jun 13

If your DIY cocktail game has been more about red solo cups than sophistication, fear not. Upgrading your home entertainment setup is easier than you think. And we're not talking about just adding the basic set of glasses you can get from any ol' store. We mean must-have at-home bar essentials to make your get-togethers pop.

Imagine crafting cocktails at home with flair and finesse, whether you're having your core crew over for weekend drinks or planning a larger party with people sippin' on gin and juice 'til six in the morn like the true boss of home entertainment (and a general good sport!), Snoop Dogg. 

So, grab your gin, wine, vodka, or non-alcoholic bevvy, queue up some beats, and toast to making your home the toast of the town (though hopefully, your guests will leave well before 6 a.m.).

18 Bottles of Splash Wines - $69.99; originally $350

What's a grownup party without the vino? Besides being super delicious, wine is a more neutral drink to have on hand for acquaintance-type guests who you might not know their preferred drink.

It's also good to know that you don't have to go to your local wine seller to buy a whole bunch of bottles and then lug them home. We, as smart, savvy drinkers, have evolved. 

This offer gets you an assortment of 18 curated vinos curated by Splash Wines, and you can select your box of reds, whites, or a mix of both. Your order also includes a bottle of bubbly, and your bottles get delivered straight to your door.

At this $69.99 price (reg. $350), shipping is not included in your Splash Wine assortment, but it's still a great price reduction, and you don't have to leave your house (score!).

AWA Carbonator Starter Bundle - $119.99; originally $209

Take a look at this sleek Scandinavian-inspired machine design to elevate any home! If you want to include some homemade elements in your home entertaining, handmade soda water can add a special touch as a mixer for your home cocktails or by itself with some fruit garnish (perfect for guests who don't love alcoholic drinks).

The AWA carbonator starter bundle includes a signature bottle and two CO2 tanks to get things going. The best part is how simple it is to use. After a quick setup—loading the tank and filling up the water—all you need to do is press a button to get fresh carbonated water in seconds.

Its bottle is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, and the tanks are made with food-grade materials. Plus, the slim construction makes the AWA carbonator a space-friendly addition for any kitchen countertop or at-home bar for just $119.99 (reg. $209).

The Bear 700W 3-Setting Blender - $49.99

If your home entertainment gear is missing a powerful blender, you might want to get on that ASAP because nothing says chillin' in the heat more than a delicious frozen cocktail.

You can definitely use it for smoothies (hangover cure, anyone?) or other homemade foods, but it's the ultimate at-home bar essential for summer thanks to its ability to serve up a zesty straw daiquiri or strong marg like a champ.

This blender comes with three handy settings, including one for crushing ice. It's also made from BPA-free materials and has a large 40-ounce capacity, perfect for blending frozen welcome cocktails for your guests!

Plus, it's outfitted with safety measure in case you have kids (or friends who indulged a little too much!) around. The Bear 3-setting blender is also only $49.99, making a smart investment for whipping up delectable summertime party drinks and healthy morning smoothies.

Kitchen Sink Bottle and Glass Washer - $19.99; originally $24.99

When the last guest has (finally) left, the food's been snacked on, and the last gin and juice has been slurped up, there's just cleanup to worry about. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

While you may long for the easy cleanup of red solo cups, this bottle and glass washer can help things move a lot faster. Much like the professional bartenders use, this one sits by your kitchen or at-home bar's sink. 

Use it to gently blast water from multiple angles to clean and rinse your glassware. It's also suitable for coffee mugs, wine glasses, or mason jars  3.53 inches or smaller.

All you do is put the glass on it upside down and press down to start the spraying action. At just $19.99, this kitchen sink bottle and glass cleaner is a low-cost way to streamline cleanup time, whether after you're done entertaining at home or want to wash your everyday cups effortlessly.

Smart Color-Changing LED Corner Lamp - $69.99; originally $99

While you might have the group's drink sitch on lock, there are other elements to hosting that can add to the whole vibe of a get-together, and they don't have anything to do with your typical at-home bar essentials. It's not called mood lighting for nothing!

Since you probably don't have any professional lighting equipment in your home already, you'll be happy to know that there are options for regular folk trying to create an atmosphere. This low-profile LED Corner Lamp can sit in the corner of any room, including wherever the drinks are being made or offered, looking all sleek and unassuming. But, it can set any mood you're looking for in an instant.

It offers over 16 million (yes, million!) colors and lets you pick one color scheme or mode if you're aiming for something specific. And since it's dimmable, you can get just the right level of brightness depending on what kind of gathering you're hosting. You can even just use it as an everyday room lamp with standard soft white lighting.

This smart corner LED lamp comes with a remote control, can sync with your music, and can be controlled via voice commands or the accompanying eco4life app. It's available right now for just $69.99, which is not a lot to pay to have customized lighting on demand.

4-Pack Solar Globe Lights - $19.99

If you're all set with your indoor lighting, the outdoor areas of your home need a little love, too. Not only does outdoor lighting create a warm and inviting feel, but it can also make it a safer space for your peeps to walk around in after a few extra dirty martinis in their system. Win-win!

These outdoor lights are solar-powered, which means you don't have to worry about plugging them into an outlet. You can put them far out into the nooks of your yard, in an artful display around your outdoor bar, or use them to light pathways or steps (as long as they can soak in some sun during the day).

All you have to do is stick in the stakes where you want them, and when the sun starts to set, you'll see the solar globes come to life, giving you a warm white glow as you party all night long.

This 4-pack of solar globe lights is priced at just $19.99 and is designed to withstand harsh weather, including rain and snow. With a six- to eight-hour run time, you should have no problem enjoying them until the last guests leave!

Making Your Cocktail Night One to Remember

Being a good host when you're entertaining at home isn't just one job. It's making tasty cocktails and creating that perfect ambience to match the vibes of the night. Sometimes that means picking up some cool bar essentials that bring a bit of the club home with you. And sometimes it's as simple as strong drinks, dim lights, a bumpin' beat, and dropping it like it's hot. 

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