What's on your summer bucket list? Here are five fun ideas!

Jun 14

TL;DR: Writing your summer bucket list? Here are five ideas on how to make the most of the hottest months of the year!

While this piece is being written a few weeks before the official start of the season, it's clear by the weather and everyone's improving moods (buh-bye, seasonal depression) that summer has arrived. Just look at all the happy faces slurping up olive oil gelato and Tiger Tail ice cream.

Thanks to summer's typically warm weather (more like scorching hot!), there's plenty to do, from taking nationwide road trips to jet-setting internationally.

If you've already written up your summer bucket list or are still drafting, here are five ideas to help you maximize your summer adventures and goals!

1. Get outside(ish) with a pop-up car tent and inflatable mattress

Just because you still need to log in most weekdays this summer, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your bucket list adventures in the great outdoors.

With speedy hotspots and portable WiFi boxes, all you need to do is add is a comfortable place to set up shop to work on the latest task that's keeping you from soaking up the sun. 

The MOGICS CARSULE is a pop-up car tent and mobile living room that you can easily attach to the back of your hatchback, minivan, MPV, station wagon, or SUV. It's also the perfect solution that helps you spend time outside in the sunshine even when you have to work your day job.

This cool and comfy car cabin is an affordable camping-office solution designed with UV protective coating to withstand summer's intense rays, waterproof flooring to help with potential drink spillage, and a thick felt carpet.

It also comes with the MOGICS MOTTRESS, an origami-style and inflatable mattress you can configure for group seating or a comfortable cat nap spot! 

2. Reach your summer fitness goals with help from a smartwatch

Summer is a time of rejuvenation, so your summer bucket list needs (or ought!) to have some positive, healthy elements. The easiest way is to move your body.

There's no better time of year to try and take up an active hobby (which everyone and their mother is doing) or incorporate an evening walk into your routine thanks to the warmer weather.

If you have running a marathon or getting into shape on your bucket list this summer, it might be easier if you know more about what your body is doing while it's active, other than sweating. That's where a health-tracking smartwatch comes in!

This one can track over 50 types of physical activity, calories, steps taken, blood pressure, sleep, stress, and so much more. It can even provide notifications for texts, calls, and social media apps on your phone. Sustaining your motivation for new and healthy summer habits can be easy with this smartwatch on the scene.

With any fitness tracking smartwatch, it's still important to remember that it's not the same thing as actual medical equipment, but this watch is a stylish way to get a good idea of what your body needs to tell you. 

3. Check please! Fill your summer bucket list with savory seasonal flavors

Back to the fun and tasty side of your summer bucket list! Summer typically means more downtime and less stress, which means it's a great time to put home cooking back on the menu. If that sounds like you, you might want to add some fun cooking tools to your arsenal and find a few unique recipes to test.

Because we love starting with dessert, have you heard of Tiger Tail ice cream? This Canadian favorite blends orange ice cream with black licorice for a cold and creamy treat that's sure to stand out from any other frozen delight anyone's making on TikTok.

how about a crowd-favorite appi for something a little lighter. Dive fork-first into a fresh watermelon-mint salad recipe that's light, bright, and refreshing. What a great way to lead into a savory entree like a fresh-baked pizza right out of the oven. This is the season to try your hand at smoking juicy, flavorful meats or baking fresh pizza from home.

Thankfully, that's easy to do if you have something like an electric pizza oven. The Gemelli model can help you make restaurant-quality pies Gemelli model can help you make restaurant-quality pies, and you can craft perfectly delicious Neapolitan, New York style, pan, frozen, thin and crispy, and DIY pizzas every time.

4. Stick out your green thumb with a raised planter

Get your hands dirty this summer with a bucket list item that might actually require a real bucket. Each of these vertical gardens comes with five planters that you, and the whole setup is four feet tall. If you like labelling your plants, here's your chance to raise the stakes a little.

Each garden bed also has built-in drainage because a little water in the summer is refreshing, but if sitting in the pool too long gets you all pruney, imagine what it does to your plants. 

Each garden bed can support up to 22 pounds, so maybe give your melon harvest a spot in the yard and use these elevated planters for flowers, herbs, and small veg. Or maybe this is your chance to take your succulent gardening to (literally) new heights. 

5. Find affordable travel deals to make your dream adventures a reality

When you're closing in on that last line of your summer bucket list, you might discover that thoughts of cooling weather and shorter autumn days are bumming you out. Times like these are when it's best to have a trip on the books. 

It might be easier and more fun to focus on summer camps and barbecues during the first half of summer. But as July begins to swelter and August comes along, you might want to have a ticket to a destination by the water, or at the very least, out of your regular orbit. 

To keep your summer travels and winter escapes within budget, consider an affordable subscription to a flight deal alert service like Dollar Flight Club.

It's helped travelers save up to $2,000 on flights worldwide, and this critically acclaimed platform could be your key to scoring travel deals for a peak or post-summer vacation!

Entering your home airport on this platform could open a world of flight deals that you wouldn't have found before, and it takes no effort. Deals could fly into your inbox, and all you need to do is book your dream trip once a deal aligns with your budget and timing.

Hello, Sweet Summertime

Whether you've got a low-key summer bucket list you're completing alone or have a group one you want to check off with your friends, let our recs get you started on the right foot! Get ready to soak up the same sun in a different scene, dive into yummy snacks, power through your fitness goals, and more. The summer is your oyster, so go see how many pearls its hiding. 

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