Capture inspiration for work with these content creator apps and tools

Jun 21

Whether you're a worker, a creator, or a creative of any kind, inspiration is never far. And with the right content creator apps and tools, you can actually plan for inspriation to hit. With the right content creator apps and tools, they can channel that inspo to their teams and projects. 

While you can't just up and grab a video or picture to repurpose for your commercial purposes (we live in a society, people!), you can pull media for inspirational content and project mapping, whether that's for internal decks, diagrams, or posts. 

Capture Inspiration With These Tools

If you're researching for a campaign or brainstorming a rebrand, it's imperative to take anything you find that feels like it's on the right track. It's the next step beyond Pinterest mood boards. Now you can actually pull content, These are some tools designed to help!

Grab YouTube thumbnails easily with this widget

If you want to learn how to make a thumbnail for YouTube, well, it's worth looking at examples from posts that perform how you want yours to. That video with 5-billion views? The thumbnail is the greeter at the door inviting all those views in, and it's up to you to find out why everyone is going through the door. 

When one of those videos feels like a match, grab it with this simple, free-to-use free-to-use widget. Just make sure you're only using it for fair use purposes. Your internal deck is fine. Reference materials are an even better idea. Trying to monetize the work someone else did isn't gonna fly though.

Whether you're creating original thumbnails or downloading existing ones, make sure that you're operating in line with YouTube's policies

Download and convert videos from the web

Videos are also great referneces for all sorts of creative and professional work, regardless of your field.

Sharing video inspirational materials is challenging, though. Waiting for a video to load during a live presentation isn't an ideal scenario for anyone. That's why you can safely download videos directly from their home platform using SurFast Video Downloader

This simple video downloader works on major platforms like YouTube, TikTok, X, Facebook, and more. You can even convert videos between formats, and these aren't low-quality downloads. Resolution goes as high as 8K. 

Automate audio transcription with AI 

With content creator apps and tools offering easy ways to pull images and videos, you better believe there's also a solution for audio and dialogue. 

Voicetapp is a cloud-based AI subtitle generator that can transcribe dialogue from over 170 languages into written text and provides easy methods to share them with clients or colleagues.

Now you can share the transcript of an inspirational speech with your team or send out the script for a video lecture without waiting waiting for YouTube to fumble making the subtitles. 

Build Original Work With These Content Creator Apps

Sharing inspirational material is a great way to leverage tools like the YouTube thumbnail grabber, video downloader, and transcription tool. For many teams and creators, using that material to leverage new, original content that can be used for external work or business is the next step. 

Generate AI videos and images when you can't afford a crew

Let's say you used SurFast to pull some reference clips for a video ad campaign you're figuring out. When it comes time to shoot your own original piece, the expensive reality of commercial filmmaking and photography might not align with your team's budget. With the rise of convincing video AI tools like Sora, you might have a new workaround to consider.

Learn how to monetize AI image creation tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT with this simple Introduction to AI three-course bundle. 

Automate blog and social media writing

While Voicetapp is an example of how AI can turn spoken words into written ones, there are also content-creator apps that can write original work. The applications of leveraging these tools for business are widely talked about and explored. 

For teams and professionals who are working to connect their inspirational content with their work, having an end-to-end writing solution on hand can make a world of difference.

Write Bot™, for example, is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you and your team crank out blog posts, social ads, and more. What separates this AI writing tool from free tools like ChatGPT is the way you go about generating content. If ChatGPT is a sandbox, Write Bot is a gym. ChatGPT may be able to do a ton of different things, but Write Bot guides you through the process with a unique fill-in-the-blank prompting method. For users who aren't well-versed in AI content creation, this could streamline the process with far less training. 

Continue to Seek Inspiration and Create

From learning how to pull a thumbnail from YouTube to learning how to make a thumbnail for YouTube — modern creators can finally explore the balance of finding inspirational references in the creative process while ultimately creating original above-board material.

To maintain that balance, creatives need to consistently source and share inspiration while while crafting their own unique content. Basically, you're smart, and you're creative, and with the right tools at your disposal, you can build things that reflect that. 

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