Make your own AI music mashup and more with these chart-topping tools for aspiring AI musicians

Jun 19

Our creativity and our energy doesn't always match. You might think of a few hot bars, but who has the time to sit down and write a whole song? It's not like you can master an instrument overnight, either.

When your creativity outpaces what you have time to create, that's when AI really shines. That's why the best apps to make AI music are taking off, so you don't have to be a pro to be able to make music.

With a little help from a few funky fresh apps and e-learning courses, you can make your own AI music mashup to rival that awesome Mathilda Rob Zombie video that was going around a bit ago. And you don't have to dig through the ditches OR burn through the witches to find them! 

We've got three deals for music makers of all skill levels, whether you need a guide to making music, a little inspo, or AI tools to cut down on practice time. 

You Can't Spell Audio Without AI

If Weird Al Yakovich has taught us anything, it's that music doesn't have to be serious to be good. Even Mozart, the consummate classical composer, was well-known for writing some pretty silly songs back in his day.

The good news is you don't have to be Mozart to have fun making music. All you really need is an idea and a little help from an AI music app like Supermusic AI. Some of the best apps for AI music answer just one question: what if? 

What if a country song was about eating your vegetables? What if you turned your tech support texts to your dad into a heavy metal power ballad? It'd be awesome, that's what! And Supermusic AI means you don't have to master every genre, instrument, or lyric to make it happen.

This AI music maker takes your text prompts (descriptions or lyrics) and transforms them into full songs, complete with lifelike vocals and some sick instrumentals. No music skills are necessary, but skilled musicians might also have a good time experimenting with lyrics and music styles in their downtime. 

Once you made your music, you can save it to your own artist page that's visible to other AI-assisted musicians. Share your tunes to start climbing the ranks of the community leaderboards. What might have just been a passing idea could become a top-100 song, and you don't need to practice, read music, or know your scales and arpeggios. 

But If You DO Want to Learn How to Make Music

The 2024 Digital Music and Content Creator Bundle is actually more than just a music education bundle. This 11-part course pack comes with guides for everything from music theory to camera settings. If you've ever wanted to start a podcast or YouTube channel, this is a prime place to start, and once again, there's no musical knowledge necessary. 

Each of these courses starts at the beginner level, so you don't have to have any experience with an instrument or songwriting to give it a go. There's even a two-part course on songwriting and music theory that lets you really dive into deep chord progressions and the anatomy of a song!

What makes this bundle top the charts for new musicians (see what we did there?) is that it also introduces you to industry-standard software, so you get the theory, the practice, and a breakdown of what tools to look for, like Audacity (it's free!) or Adobe Premiere Rush (not free, still useful). Some of the music theory courses even show you how to use Ableton Live. 

Find Your Music on the Road

If "Life is a Highway," then "On the Road Again" has some wild implications. If you're struggling to get in the zone to write music or even come up with ideas to use on an app to make AI music, take your mind on a journey by using Autio, a location-based story app that uses your GPS to tell you about the world whirring by your window.

Each story is read by some top-notch narrators and storytellers, too. Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow are just the start. Topics range from history to sports, culture, and there are even stories about geology (rock music, anyone?). 

And you aren't limited to listening while you're in the car. Download a few stories before you hop on the plane to learn about the landscape passing beneath you. Or, let your mind wander to scenic vistas and impressive canyons while you're prepping dinner. Get the inspiration of a well-traveled life from the comfort of your home! 

Now, Make Your Own AI Music Mashup 

There's no single way to make music, just like there might not be a single best app for musicians. If you're looking for one of the best apps for making AI music, Supermusic AI might be up there, but what all these tools really do is give you a chance to experience the joy of music without the strain of practice.

Finding inspiration is a little easier when you can let your mind wander without moving your body, and learning how to write, compose, and edit music is a manageable goal when the courses are all at your fingertips.

Just remember: you're the most important part of your songwriting, and breaking records means something completely different in a vinyl shop.

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